WaveWash 55 Support Cleaning System

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Stratasys WaveWash 55 Support Cleaning System

Dedicated to Making Your Job Easier

WaveWash is the automated, hands-free way to remove 3D printer support material from your FDM model. This office-friendly setup uses a combination of heat, agitation and an environmentally-safe, water-based detergent solution to dissolve away the support material. Because it’s a fully contained system, there’s no plumbing involved. And the WaveWash only takes up about as much room as a coffee maker.

It’s the perfect complement to the Mojo desktop 3D printer. It’s compact and easy to use. Just add the Ecoworks cleaning packets to the WaveWash, press the start button and walk away for automated FDM support material removal. When it’s finished, your 3D printed model is ready to use.