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How to determine which model Dimenison 3D Printer you have:

Your Dimension 3D Printer's Model should be written on the front of your machine. The original model released in the early 2000s was simply called the "Dimension". This machine used break away support. When Dimension came out with soluble support technology (SST) they released a machine called the "SST". After this was released the "Dimension" was changed to the "BST".

A few years later Dimension came out with a larger machine. This machine was named the 1200 to reflect the maximum build volume (10x10x12 = 1200 cubic inches). They released an SST and BST version of this machine. In order to differentiate between the 4 machines they changed the name of the "BST" and "SST" to "BST 768" (8x8x12 = 768) and "SST 768" to reflect their support structure and build envelope size.

The next improvement was stronger model material. This new ABS+ material is 40% stronger than the standard ABS material. Dimension came out with 3 new machines that were able to use this material. They are called the "Elite", the "SST 1200es" and the "BST 1200es". The "es" stands for extra strength. The "Elite" is the same size as the 768 series machine, but uses ABS+ and is able to print in a higher resolution.

Older Machines that have been renamed:

If the front of your machine says Dimension or BST you have a BST 768

If the front of your machine says SST you have an SST 768

Looking up your 3D Printer model name in CatalystEX:

If you are still having trouble figuring out which 3D Printer you own you can look it up in the CatalystEX software.

With the printer turned on and connected to your computer, open Catalyst and go to the "Printer Services" tab. Click the "Printer Info" button on this tab. A new window will open displaying your printer type and serial number.

Still have questions?

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-926-8359. We will be happy to answer any question you might have about your printer.