MakerBot Certification Program Blended Learning Workshop

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MakerBot Certification Program Blended Learning Workshop

When: Tuesday, December 4 from 9:00am – 3:00pm

Where: Short Pump Middle School | 4701 Pouncey Tract Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059

*This workshop includes lunch, professional instruction, training materials, certificate of Professional Development hours, and access to complete Level 2 MakerBot Curriculum Creator online training course.

Join us for a blended assessment based course that includes in-person and online training designed to help educators become 3D printing experts.

At our in-person training, you’ll learn how to setup and run your 3D printer successfully in the classroom as a MakerBot Operator. Follow this up with our online training course that gives you the confidence to create your own 3D printing lesson plans or projects as a MakerBot Curriculum Creator.

Usually these blended learning sessions are only held at MakerBot Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, but Amtek Company is bringing them to you!

Here is what is covered within each Certification Level:

Level 1 MakerBot Operator: Become a MakerBot 3D Printing Expert

Become a MakerBot 3D printing expert. Learn how to setup and manage your 3D printer, create your first prints and troubleshoot common issues.

  •          3D printing technology & history
  •          Printer (setup and usage) and essential parts
  •          MakerBot Print
  •          Thingiverse & 3D Modeling
  •          Basic troubleshooting

Level 2 MakerBot Curriculum Creator: Become a STEM Education Leader

Establish yourself and gain confidence as a STEM education leader. Learn how to teach the 3D printing process and develop your own 3D printing lesson plans and projects.

  •          Teach the 3D printing process
  •          Manage multiple printers and print files
  •          Troubleshoot student files
  •          Utilize Thingiverse Education
  •          Create a 3D printing project for students

You can find a list of MakerBot Certification Program FAQs here.